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City River

This Is Our Story

Our agency's goals are to help our clients explore their passions for travel. No matter how small or large the trip, we'll use our expertise and contacts to craft unique journeys. We take care of all the details so all you have to do is relax.

Our Founder's Story

Sue Worscheh is an experienced traveler, having caught the travel bug early while living in Australia, the UK, France and Algeria all before graduating from college. Her subsequent work in industry and investment banking took her to the US and Asia for many years before settling in Houston with her family. This passion for personal travel is what led her to explore a career in the industry where she has enjoyed using her management and finance skills to keep an eye on both the details and the bottom line to help clients realize their own travel dreams. As a British native, she brings a broad perspective on the benefits of travel and she also never turns down a cup of tea.

Sue in Venice.jpg

Our Company

At BlueFountain Travel we believe strongly in the power of travel to bring a positive change in the way we view the world. Sue completed her MBA at INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France, where she joined 200 international students for a year of management education. Besides the academics, perhaps the biggest benefit was the friendships formed that year, the interactions with engaging people from all over the world, the very different viewpoints and the understanding that came from realizing that if we were all prepared to sit down together, we could learn so much from each other. BlueFountain is her nod to that experience. At BlueFountain Travel we want you to experience the best in the world, with the best team behind you.

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